Bag Boys by Christopher Conway.

A 'Bag Boy' is a kid the Mob uses to run numbers. "That’s how I got started. I was eight years old, the year was 1932." Paul "Funeral" Signori started as a numbers runner, but soon graduated to a street fighter. Then, he moved into the nightclubs on Baltimore’s infamous "Block" as a Mob enforcer. He liked to call himself a head-basher. In 1942, he enlisted in the United States Army, eventually deploying for combat with the storied 71st Reconnaissance Troop. "Siggy," as his platoon mates called him, was part of a unit that liberated the Gunskirchen Concentration Camp. He thought he was far from innocent when he went to war, having grown up in the Mob, but the horrors of World War II left him with a hardened heart, he thought beyond repair. Upon returning home, he re-joined his past life with the Mob, spending the next twenty-four years as an enforcer. Now, battling an inner darkness, he wrestles for love, family, and lasting peace.


One Wrong Turn by Barbara Nicholson.

Tracey Wright was doing well. Very well, actually. The life she was living as a single woman working in fabulous New York City was more than she ever could have dreamed. Owning a thriving business with her partner Jeff DeYoung, life couldn’t be better. But life is cruel. It can change on a dime. She could never have envisioned that what started out as an ordinary sales call could turn out to be her worst nightmare. Things happen in an instant. And they are instants that you either can’t change or wouldn’t have dreamt of changing until it was too late. One thing is certain—you don’t ever imagine them, they happen in a flash, you definitely don’t see them coming and they are often the result of One Wrong Turn.


Missing Peace, a true story by Nina J. Wheeler

When she was two years old, Nina Wheeler was rushed to the emergency room because she was turning blue. An X-ray revealed that she had been born with an enlarged heart. Nina had a severe heart murmur and lived her life constantly short of breath. For close to forty years, she searched for the missing piece of the puzzle that would explain why she perpetually felt as if someone was holding her underwater. In 1998 as she sat in her rocking chair holding her newborn daughter, Nina knew she had to say goodbye to her and undergo open heart surgery. Her time was drawing short and her heart was failing fast. How could she possibly say goodbye to her daughter when she had struggled so hard to have her? Amazingly, Nina survives the surgery and even more incredibly, goes on to have a second beautiful and healthy daughter. However, her story and medical battles were far from over.

Check, Check, and Mate Front Cover 4_9_18_1.jpg

Check, Check and Mate by L. Claire Smith - Book 5 of the Cry on the Wind series

All State has been cancelled, and all is lost as far as the orphans getting out of Tippity Orphanage are concerned . . . or is it? From out of nowhere Fran Abernathy is offered a tremendous opportunity. Is she up to the challenge? Will Mrs. Farrell let her walk out knowing Fran will talk telling what happens there? Deliverance with one person whole and untouched is risky. Will it happen or will the remaining children in the orphanage be trapped awaiting inevitable destruction?


Tales My Mother Never Told Me by Patrick Renaud

This is the first book written by Patrick ("Pat") Renaud, consisting of 12 short stories in the Ghost Story, Mystery, & Crime genres. The stories abound with twists and unexpected turns. Pat first published this book in early 2013 and re-released it in 2018 on Amazon following the publication of his second book, Tales My Father Never Heard Of.


Tales My Father Never Heard Of by Patrick Renaud

Patrick "Pat" Renaud has created ten lively short stories with a little something for everyone. He will transport you to other dimensions and time periods, in dream state and awake. He will whisk you to northwestern Canada as well as to several states across the U.S.A. He will even pique your curiosity with a ghost story. Equally fascinating are three stories that Pat has created in the historical fiction genre where he weaves his own tales with historical facts as reference points. Pat dedicates this book to his beloved father. Whether you have time to read just one story at a time, or if you're ready to read several all at once, relax because you're in for a great read.